Nude neighbours.

30 12 2016

A while back I was talking with a neighbour about some building work we were having done and the conversation moved onto other building works on neighbouring houses. I’ll call him John. He mentioned some work that had recently happened at a neighbour’s house, I’ll call her Eve. John then said that he couldn’t always take Eve seriously, so I asked why. He said that he’d seen her wandering around inside a few times while nude and that he never could take people seriously when he’d seen them naked. I didn’t follow his logic so I tried to get John to elaborate, he couldn’t explain it, it was just his reaction to nudity. I’ve seen the two of them talking a number of time since, I doubt that nudity has cropped up, but I know that they get along OK still.

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The sense of freedom of being open about being a nudist.

25 12 2016

I’ve enjoyed the nudist way of life since being introduced to social nudity by some enlightened people when I was twelve. Since then I’ve never understood why society regards the desire to be nude as ‘wrong’. I saw no reasons why it should not be widely acceptable, but toed the wider society line on it.

As a teenager and during my early twenties very few people knew that I was a nudist, but as time has passed I’ve become increasingly open about something I’m unashamed about being. During those years my nudist times were mainly time spent at home and on trips out of the big city that I lived in to nudist beaches, or on holiday.

On one holiday my then girlfriend and I went camping to a nudist site in France with another couple we’d made friends with at a nudist spa. This was my first experience of living nude with many other people and I loved it. I remained nude for days at a time for the first time in my life and knew that my previous experiences of a few hours naked here, and a nude day at the beach there, was something I wanted to turn into a life spent nude whenever possible.

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Further Teenage Nudist Memories.

25 12 2016

I continued to visit my friend’s house and enjoyed being nude there. Whatever the season, indoors or outside I’d usually undress as soon as I got there, I loved this way of living. After finding out that I liked being socially nude I’m sure that I was spending far more time there than I’d done before. I was however conscious of inviting my friend to my home still,  I didn’t want to attract attention from my family for hardly ever being there, other than for eating and sleeping.

One day I was at my friend’ home, his brother and both sisters were also there, they all had their one ‘secret sharing’ nudist friend there too, this was a few weeks after my introduction to nudism. We had mostly spent the afternoon playing around in the pool as it was a hot day. I’d heard his father return from work in his car. Shortly afterwards his parents came to the pool and said they were going to join us. This was my first sight of nude adults. I’d become accustomed to social nudity with the other kids by now and it seemed natural for nude adults to be around too. We all stayed in and around the pool for some time before the parents left us to go and use some sun loungers in a quieter spot. From then onward I can’t remember anyone there wearing anything very often.

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My introduction to nudism.

25 12 2016

I had a friend who I had started to spend more time with away from our group of friends, we still mixed with the others but we were finding we had more common interests and spent a lot of time at each others homes. We were 12 when he told me something that  I  am still very grateful for.

We grew up in the country and used to roam quite a lot in the surrounding area on our bikes, as well as through the fields. One day we had cycled to a river and were wandering along its banks. He said that he had something to tell me as long as I promised not to tell anyone. His mother wanted him to tell me that their family preferred to be naked at home and that I was welcome to continue visiting there, but they’d not get dressed any more when I did so. I was welcome to stay clothed, or to try out social nudity with them, which ever I was comfortable with. But I was not to tell anyone, not my parents and family, nor friends.

My family were not into nudity, the only early memories I have of being naked are of sharing a bath with my sister when we were very young. From then on nudity did not occur at home as far as I remember. It had to be a secret because of the usual worries along the lines of what if so and so finds out. I asked a lot of questions, the sort that a 12 year old would. I understood the need for confidentiality and was very intrigued. I’d come across the terms for people living naked before and had been interested by this idea, I hadn’t expected the chance to try it so soon though.

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Words, names, labels, tags…

25 12 2016

I was first introduced to social nudity by a friend, his family used the word nudists to describe themselves. I loved the freedoms gained by my first experiences of life while naked with others and adopted the word ‘nudist’ to describe myself and how I now preferred to live.

My partner grew up in a family who lived the nudist way whenever possible, and yes they use the same word to describe their lifestyle. She also uses the word ‘nudist’ to describe herself when pressed.

We have many friends who share our enjoyment of life without clothes, they variously describe themselves as nudists, naturists, clothes-free, naktivists etc To us we all have the commonality of enjoying life minus clothing; we don’t distinguish each other because of the different words that we use to describe ourselves. We call ourselves nudists and hope this doesn’t become an issue, whether you think of yourself as a naturist, naktivist or something else we welcome you to our world of life without clothing.

Nudists are well-known for being widely accepting of others as they come. When naked we don’t have the labels that clothing, jewelry etc can add to us. We like that fact, we’re all just people when we’re in our natural state, sure we still have differences physically and in our mental outlook, but genuine nudists, naturists etc do have that big bonus of being more accepting of each others different takes on things. To us nudism is a way of being more comfortable and relaxed, free of both clothing’s restrictions and other ones that we find  clothed society can place on us.

We welcome readers of this blog who share our preference for living naked, as well as those who are interested in this way of living. Call yourselves what you like, you’re all welcome here.

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