Further Teenage Nudist Memories.

25 12 2016

I continued to visit my friend’s house and enjoyed being nude there. Whatever the season, indoors or outside I’d usually undress as soon as I got there, I loved this way of living. After finding out that I liked being socially nude I’m sure that I was spending far more time there than I’d done before. I was however conscious of inviting my friend to my home still,  I didn’t want to attract attention from my family for hardly ever being there, other than for eating and sleeping.

One day I was at my friend’ home, his brother and both sisters were also there, they all had their one ‘secret sharing’ nudist friend there too, this was a few weeks after my introduction to nudism. We had mostly spent the afternoon playing around in the pool as it was a hot day. I’d heard his father return from work in his car. Shortly afterwards his parents came to the pool and said they were going to join us. This was my first sight of nude adults. I’d become accustomed to social nudity with the other kids by now and it seemed natural for nude adults to be around too. We all stayed in and around the pool for some time before the parents left us to go and use some sun loungers in a quieter spot. From then onward I can’t remember anyone there wearing anything very often.

A few weeks later I was invited to a family barbecue at the weekend, I was told there would be a couple of other families there. When I arrived his mother asked if I wanted to undress in my friends room and then she’d introduce me to the other guests. There were two other families, with kids from about 4 to 16, my friends sisters’ friends, and the mother’s parents,  I think we numbered about 20 people, all were nude.I was experiencing my first larger scale instance of social nudity, a real mix of ages, it felt so right for us all to be nude outside on a nice day.

I know that I didn’t observe usual nudist/naturist etiquette, I was a 12 year old boy. I was fascinated by all of the different people, male and female, young and old, all nude.  I tried to be discrete, I’m sure that I failed, but I couldn’t resist seeing how everyone looked. It didn’t seem odd that there were people there I’d never met before and that we were meeting for the first time while nude, but curiosity got to me.

There were a few other occasions that summer that I went there for weekend barbecues, I met a few more nudist families and more of my friend’s family. Both sides of it were nudists and there seemed to be quite a few uncles, aunts and cousins. New people, new nudists, I wanted to be part of this, I wanted to live naked as much as possible and to mix with other naked people, I  knew that nudism was something I wanted in my life. In the following  years I continued to spend time there nude, meeting more new people over time. Often after we’d eaten the people would drift into groups, adults, younger kids and the teenagers in another. We were getting older, we were hitting those ‘difficult’ teenage years.

With hindsight I think our common nudity was a great experience, many teenagers have a great fear over body issues. We were meeting new people for the first time while we were nude, we’d got used to social nudity, I really don’t think we had the same level of issues to deal with as friends who had not experienced nudism, I really do. It’s only a small group of teenagers, but I really think we just did what teens do, but we did it nude for much of the time.

Some of the other families lived in the same area. At times groups of us would meet up when we were about 14-16, girls and boys. We’d go walking in the countryside, sometimes skinny-dipping in rivers during summer, sometimes we’d stop in a remote field and sunbath nude together, dare each other to walk naked along paths further than each other. I don’t recall anything beyond this in these situations, all I do recall was a group of teenage friends having naked fun together, innocent naked that is. Away from this situation it was different, but I think we’d got the idea that nudism/ naturism was about being naked, it was not about sex. I first learned how much I loved being nude in nature then, and how much I enjoyed walking naked.

Not all of my teenage years included as much social nudity in any way. Other things were going on during them for sure. These are just a few memories of discovering how much I loved being nude, both on my own and particularly socially. I realise that I was lucky to have been introduced to nudism early in life, I loved my family but I would not have learned that I liked being a nudist through them. I have many good memories, I’m so glad that many are from nudist experiences. These years were when I got my allergy to clothing!




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