Nude neighbours.

30 12 2016

A while back I was talking with a neighbour about some building work we were having done and the conversation moved onto other building works on neighbouring houses. I’ll call him John. He mentioned some work that had recently happened at a neighbour’s house, I’ll call her Eve. John then said that he couldn’t always take Eve seriously, so I asked why. He said that he’d seen her wandering around inside a few times while nude and that he never could take people seriously when he’d seen them naked. I didn’t follow his logic so I tried to get John to elaborate, he couldn’t explain it, it was just his reaction to nudity. I’ve seen the two of them talking a number of time since, I doubt that nudity has cropped up, but I know that they get along OK still.

I didn’t push John much further, I felt like telling him not to look in our windows as he wouldn’t take us seriously afterwards! We have a couple of windows that from certain angles overlook Eve’s property, we’d seen  both her and her partner nude on a number of occasions, mostly her as her partner works abroad a lot. She had seen us naked at home too as we didn’t worry about screening those rooms so much once we knew she spent a lot of time naked too, we’d exchanged waves and broad smiles on a few occasions when we’d seen each other. After I told my partner about John’s comments regarding Eve’s nudity she ensured that the rooms which can be seen into from John’s garden were as well screened as we’d previously considered them to be.

I didn’t say to John that we live naked at home because my partner would most likely have work-related issues if her nudism became more widely known, so she’s more discrete about her nudism than I am about mine. I didn’t want a neighbour upsetting her in future with a possible casual mention of our nudity.

Some time after we first exchanged naked waves with Eve, she saw us in the street when we were leaving for the beach. We told her where we were going and asked if they ever went there. She said that as she’s very fair skinned she doesn’t sunbathe. My partner is not as fair skinned but does use a shade when the sun is high, she said that Eve was welcome to share it with her if she ever chose to join us. Eve said they only went naked at home but that she was curious to know more about social nudity, she’d long wondered what it was like. We told her that we were long term social nudists and that we loved the openness that we shared with our nudist friends. We have a small group of local nudist friends who we socialise with in our homes. We said we’d invite her and her partner to join us at our place if they liked, or they could come round sometime with just the four of us there as a first step. We parted with Eve saying she’d discuss it with Adam, her partner.

We saw Eve a few other times that summer as we were leaving for the nudist beach, or returning from there. We mentioned where we were going or coming back from a few times and she said that Adam was away so much that they had very little spare time, so were not sure when they’d visit but that they were into trying social nudity.

It was about a year after we first discussed visiting that my partner saw Eve through the window at home one evening, they were both nude. Through a series of hand signals she invited Eve round, she accepted and signaled to give her 10 minutes. She was at the door in about 5 mins. She came in and explained that Adam was away again but she wasn’t going to wait any longer to try nudism with us, unzipping and stepping out of her dress as she spoke, she’d obviously only put it on to cover up between our homes as she was now as naked as we were. She laughed, smiled widely and yelled quite loudly ‘Wow, I’ve done it now’.

She stayed for the whole evening while she asked us many questions about our lives as nudists. It was a typically very open conversation that we both appreciate, so honest and upfront, just as we tend to have with nudist friends, far more so than with textile ones. We’ve met many newcomers to the wonderful world of nudism over the years, but very few who seemed so at ease with themselves from the first few minutes. Eve explained that her initial concern before coming through our door was that we might have put some robes or something on for her arrival. She had wanted to step right into an evening of nudity rather than wait for the word before undressing. She’d loved the fact that we were both naked when we answered the door. Her early arrival hadn’t really given us time to even consider
covering up. Besides when we host a nude evening we’re used to being naked when friends arrive, so we probably would have stayed nude if we had thought about it.

A couple of weeks later Eve invited us round for a meal, it was midweek and Adam was away but she’d loved our first nude evening and wanted to do it again. She answered the door wearing only a broad smile, telling us that she’d had a few close encounters with deliveries but that Adam was the only other person she’d opened the door for while naked. Eve had really gone to town with what she termed a light meal, as she said she really wanted to pay us back for us introducing her to social nudism.

Its a great feeling to know that we’ve helped introduce this way of life to newcomers. Eve and Adam visit us occasionally and we go there. Eve came to a few of our nude evenings with our friends and Adam to one, she’s also gone with us to some friends who have a hot tub. She enjoyed that so much that we took her to a nudist spa with other friends of ours. Adam seems more reluctant to join our nudist activities regularly, he doesn’t have any issues with Eve and us sharing nude times while he’s away. We’re happy to do so, we’ll give Adam as long as he wants to make up his mind.

It all began when John told me that he didn’t take Eve seriously because she was naked, if only he knew that she’s naked with us sometimes now too! We sometimes wonder if any other neighbours might join us one day.




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