Why Naked?

30 04 2017

Friends who are not nudists sometimes ask why we prefer to be completely naked. They wonder why we don’t do as they might and wear small pieces of material when sunbathing or swimming, or why we’re nude while doing so many other activities.

The straightforward and simple answer is ‘why not be naked?’

As nudists we see nothing wrong with being naked in company provided the circumstances don’t make nudity impractical, or if it really would cause someone offense. Finding simple, natural nudity offensive is a concept I can’t get my head round though. I’ve been a nudist for many years, I’ve been publicly naked in many places and situations in both clothing-optional and fully nudist environments. I am very comfortable with my nudity, it feels very normal to be naked in both the company of friends and strangers, nudists and textiles. If I can be naked I most likely will be, as a nudist its how I live for well over half of the time. I don’t really think about it, I take my clothes off and enjoy the freedom that brings.

The idea that certain body parts might be ‘indecent’ is not one we share. We don’t distinguish between body areas being ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Personally I don’t view any body part as being a ‘private part’, that is a textile concept. It is one that is also pushed by vested interests such as the fashion and media industries, while they use bodies in a sexual way to sell things, things which have no obvious connection to bare flesh. That bare flesh is often dressed in the skimpiest of clothing, which often accentuates those body parts which some call ‘private’.

We view naked people as beautiful, , natural beauty in all their variety of shapes and sizes. I am no ‘pin-up’, I wasn’t when I was much younger either. That is another concept that I don’t think exists in the nudist world, nudists are beautiful. Nudists have no body shame, as social nudists  we are not embarrassed to be naked with like-minded people in a fully nudist environment, or in a more public clothing-optional location.

Experiencing life fully naked is so different to wearing even the skimpiest of clothing. I feel much freer when naked, I’m more relaxed and comfortable when I’m nude, as our nudist friends agree on too. Answering ‘why naked?’ often gets another response from me, to try it, discover the difference, especially in social nudism situations. Nudists are free of other wider society hang-ups too, true nudists are so often much more open and upfront than many textiles are.

Be naked!


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