Why Naked?

30 04 2017

Friends who are not nudists sometimes ask why we prefer to be completely naked. They wonder why we don’t do as they might and wear small pieces of material when sunbathing or swimming, or why we’re nude while doing so many other activities.

The straightforward and simple answer is ‘why not be naked?’

As nudists we see nothing wrong with being naked in company provided the circumstances don’t make nudity impractical, or if it really would cause someone offense. Finding simple, natural nudity offensive is a concept I can’t get my head round though. I’ve been a nudist for many years, I’ve been publicly naked in many places and situations in both clothing-optional and fully nudist environments. I am very comfortable with my nudity, it feels very normal to be naked in both the company of friends and strangers, nudists and textiles. If I can be naked I most likely will be, as a nudist its how I live for well over half of the time. I don’t really think about it, I take my clothes off and enjoy the freedom that brings.

The idea that certain body parts might be ‘indecent’ is not one we share. We don’t distinguish between body areas being ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Personally I don’t view any body part as being a ‘private part’, that is a textile concept. It is one that is also pushed by vested interests such as the fashion and media industries, while they use bodies in a sexual way to sell things, things which have no obvious connection to bare flesh. That bare flesh is often dressed in the skimpiest of clothing, which often accentuates those body parts which some call ‘private’.

We view naked people as beautiful, , natural beauty in all their variety of shapes and sizes. I am no ‘pin-up’, I wasn’t when I was much younger either. That is another concept that I don’t think exists in the nudist world, nudists are beautiful. Nudists have no body shame, as social nudists  we are not embarrassed to be naked with like-minded people in a fully nudist environment, or in a more public clothing-optional location.

Experiencing life fully naked is so different to wearing even the skimpiest of clothing. I feel much freer when naked, I’m more relaxed and comfortable when I’m nude, as our nudist friends agree on too. Answering ‘why naked?’ often gets another response from me, to try it, discover the difference, especially in social nudism situations. Nudists are free of other wider society hang-ups too, true nudists are so often much more open and upfront than many textiles are.

Be naked!


The openness experienced in nudism.

30 01 2017

Personally I’m a nudist for the simple fact that I feel more comfortable and relaxed when free of the restrictions of clothing. I feel like I am my true self when I am nude. Once I’d tried social nudism I realised that I loved it, the other nudists were themselves too. There were no labels attached to them through what they wore, it didn’t matter where they lived, what they did, they were their natural selves, both physically and mentally.  Nor did age, shape, size gender or sexuality matter. Freed of clothing and hiding nothing physically from each other seemed to correspondingly free up their minds.  I discovered during some of my earliest social experiences as a nudist that the people I was encountering  seemed to have far fewer hangups about discussing matters that  I’d only touched on before with people that I’d known for some time previously. Yet here I was talking with people who were fairly new to me about what some may term as very personal topics. This openness in both forms felt to me as being much more real life than skirting around issues the way that ‘polite society’ might.


I’m not saying that all nudists are more open than textiles are, of course there are some in both sectors who are more outgoing or withdrawn, we each have our own personalities. However, in situations such as when I have been making my first visit to a nudist club I have invariably found people there to be more approachable, as well as more into engaging with me than in a similar social situation in the clothed world. It hasn’t been any different whether I’ve gone with my partner, a group of friends or on my own, I’ve always felt welcomed in nudist social settings. For sure people there may have different ideals and interests but our shared love of being naked has seemed to given us a shared starting  point that wearing the same brand of shoes, coat or jeans has never replicated! I’ve come away from weekends at nudist events when I know that I’ve made some genuine new friends, much more so than when leaving textile events. Its as if through meeting when we’ve all been  nude this has made it easier to do, that might not be the major reason, but I’m convinced that the fact that we were nudists has played its part.

Taking this openness I’ve found through nudism into the wider, predominately textile world can be difficult, there seem to be more hang-ups in wider society. Many nudists will tell you that they’ve become more self-confident through nudism, myself included. I’ve seen newcomers to nudism gain confidence in social settings over time, I’ve then seen them outside of nudist situations and their improved confidence and openness has been carried over. I can’t say that this is all down to nudism but I’m sure that this is an important enabling factor.

The longer I’ve been a nudist the more I’ve appreciated the spirit of openness, honesty and just being upfront that has developed between our circle of close nudist friends. Its not confined to just close nudist friends, or those we see regularly. There are nudists we might not see more than once a year, but we still share these close bonds with them when we do catch up.

There are people I’ve known for a very long time, some were college friends with whom some wonderful times were shared with, but in all honesty I’ve never felt closer to anyone more than with good nudist friends. Its this openness that works for me. For me it is very natural to be nude with friends, its how we all arrived in the world, it feels more honest to socialise as nudists. This is another very good reason for why I am a nudist.

Further Teenage Nudist Memories.

25 12 2016

I continued to visit my friend’s house and enjoyed being nude there. Whatever the season, indoors or outside I’d usually undress as soon as I got there, I loved this way of living. After finding out that I liked being socially nude I’m sure that I was spending far more time there than I’d done before. I was however conscious of inviting my friend to my home still,  I didn’t want to attract attention from my family for hardly ever being there, other than for eating and sleeping.

One day I was at my friend’ home, his brother and both sisters were also there, they all had their one ‘secret sharing’ nudist friend there too, this was a few weeks after my introduction to nudism. We had mostly spent the afternoon playing around in the pool as it was a hot day. I’d heard his father return from work in his car. Shortly afterwards his parents came to the pool and said they were going to join us. This was my first sight of nude adults. I’d become accustomed to social nudity with the other kids by now and it seemed natural for nude adults to be around too. We all stayed in and around the pool for some time before the parents left us to go and use some sun loungers in a quieter spot. From then onward I can’t remember anyone there wearing anything very often.

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Hello world!

22 04 2012


There’s not much here, yet. I actually set this site up a few years ago with the intention of blogging on a regular basis, but life got busier so its only just getting going now, late 2016.

This is a blog by, nudenik, a UK nudist. Yes, another nudist blogger!

Another nudist blogging about wanting more acceptance of public nudity. In support of other nudist and naturist individuals and organisations working towards more public places where nudists/naturists can be as naked as they wish to be.

Thanks for reading, hopefully there will be more interesting stuff here when you return.

It won’t have lots of pictures of naked people, if that’s what you’re looking for, there are loads of sites with them, there may be a few. It’ll have a fun side, a serious side, links to other nudist sites and blogs, blah blah blah.

See you soon


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